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"Unleashing the True Power of Colors in Print"

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Elevating Print Quality with Expert Color Management Solutions. Transforming your prints into vibrant masterpieces with precision, consistency, and unmatched attention to detail


Taking Your Business to
the Next Level

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Color Calibration

  • Achieve accurate and consistent colour reproduction across devices.

Colour Profiling

  • Achieve accurate and consistent colour reproduction across devices.

Workflow Assessment and Optimization

  • Streamline processes to enhance color accuracy and efficiency

Proofing and Validation

  • Ensure accurate color representation through proofing systems and tests.

Color Standardization

  • Establish guidelines for consistent color reproduction.

Color Management Training

  • Provide workshops and guidance on color management best practices.

Color Consultation and Project Support

  • Expert advice and troubleshooting for color-intensive projects.

Color Audit and Quality Control

  • Evaluate color accuracy and implement quality assurance measures.

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Introducing Chromalynx: Your Printing Color Management Experts

Welcome to Chromalynx, the pinnacle of colour management expertise in the printing industry. We are a specialized consultancy, committed to revolutionizing the way you perceive and reproduce colour in print. With our deep knowledge and state-of-the-art solutions, we empower businesses to achieve unmatched colour accuracy, consistency, and quality throughout their printing processes.


At Chromalynx, we recognize that precise colour management is essential for conveying brand identity, capturing attention, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses colour calibration, printer profiling, workflow optimization, and tailored colour solutions designed specifically for the unique requirements of the printing sector. Whether you're a commercial printer, packaging manufacturer, or graphic designer, our meticulous approach and unparalleled expertise will enable you to deliver stunning, vibrant prints that captivate your audience.


Experience the Chromalynx advantage, where printing colour management reaches new heights, and your prints become works of art.



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802/A, Acme Boulevard, Jogeshwari East, Mumbai 400060

Tel: 123-456-7890

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